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TitleChild Care Teacher Pool 2019-2020 (4332)
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Job Title:          Childcare Site Teacher/Assistant                                 Wage/Hour Status:      Nonexempt


Reports to:       Childcare/Daycare Site Supervisor                                             Pay Grade:                 P2


Dept./School:   Community Services                                                                  Date Revised:            06/2010



Primary Purpose:


Under general supervision, with considerable responsibility, and according to established guidelines and lesson plans, the Childcare Teacher/Assistant supervises an assigned group of children.  Child Care Providers will help to provide the necessary physical and emotional care and to carry out developmental activities.  He/she will help to develop goals for the children, plan accordingly, and evaluate each child’s progress. Responsible for communication with parents and the recruitment of students to the program.





Minimum Education/Certification:

High School Diploma or GED (at least 18 years of age)      


Special Knowledge/Skills

Must be able to nurture children, plan and implement age-appropriate activities for them

      Must be able to learn, follow, and alter (if appropriate) recurrent work routines and schedules

      Must be able to take initiative

      Must be able to interact with parents in a professional manner and elicit the trust necessary to handle daily communication with parents effectively

      Must be able to take direction and work cooperatively with others

      Must be able to supervise a group of children while attending to the immediate needs of one child


Minimum Experience:

Some experience working with children



Major Responsibilities and Duties:

  1. Assist and supervise children during all activities.


  1. Counsel children when social, academic or adjustment problems arise.


  1. Develop, plan, and prepare instructional aids/materials for activities.


  1. Ensure that appearance, cleanliness, and safe environment of site is appropriately maintained.


  1. Assist children with meal/snack time and clean-up.


  1. Complete all site paperwork, i.e., daily notes, student accident reports, attendance records.


  1. Attend and participate in staff meetings, site events and parent meetings as requested.


  1. Prepare and implement lesson plans/programs, organization and schedule.


  1. Accept temporary work assignments.


  1. In the event the site supervisor is not available, take full responsibility for the site.


  1. Write, submit, post and implement a weekly lesson plan.


  1. Ensure that all indoor and outdoor equipment is in good working condition and is used/maintained properly.


  1. Physically arranges the site prior to arrival.


  1. Clean up site when children depart.


  1. Communicate appropriate information to parents.


  1. Maintain documentation on all aspects of site and children.


  1. Create and maintain directions, schedules and expectations to be used by a substitute teacher for
    planned and unplanned regular teacher absences.


  1. Maintain site postings.


  1. Assist with the training of new site personnel and substitute teachers.


  1. Assist with planning and implementing events.


  1. Meet with and communicate appropriately with prospective families.


  1. Supervisor with site tours for prospective customers.


  1. Develop and implements plans based on the adopted curriculum.


  1. Present written evidence of preparation including classroom lesson plans, program organization and schedules.


  1. Present a professional attitude including ethical and responsible behaviors.


  1. Maintain knowledge of children’s intellectual, physical, emotional, social, and character development and the importance of the development of all of these.


  1. Convey a sense of integrity and warmth and a genuine caring for the development of each child.


  1. Maintain confidentiality for parents, children, staff and management.


  1. Meet all state and district requirements for the position including maintaining required training


Supervisory Responsibilities:




Working Conditions:


     Mental Demands/Physical Demands/Environmental Factors:

Must be able to lift and carry children up to at least 35 pounds

Must be able to stoop, getting on the children’s level, and move quickly enough to protect children

Ability to communicate effectively (verbal and written)

Interpret policy, procedures and data

Maintain emotional control under stress




The foregoing statements describe the general purpose and responsibilities assigned to this job and are not an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties, and skills that may be required.


Shift TypeFull-Time
Salary Range$11.17 - $17.71 / Per Hour
LocationCedar Creek Elementary

Applications Accepted

Start Date09/03/2019