Job Title

ARD Facilitator

Evaluation Type



Special Services and Programs

Pay Grade




Date Revised

February 2019


Director of Special Education


BASIC FUNCTION & RESPONSIBILITY: Implement, facilitate and supervise the special education ARD/IEP process. Collaborate with other professionals and parents in the ARD process. Work cooperatively with instructional personnel to develop the most appropriate programs for students with disabilities according to the federal requirements of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.


CHARACTERISTIC DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES: The essential functions, pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act, may include the characteristic duties, responsibilities, knowledge, skills, and abilities noted herein; however, this is not a comprehensive listing of all functions and tasks performed by positions found in this job description.


Management of Administrative, Fiscal and/or Facilities Functions:
1. Identify need for and schedule Failure ARDs, Manifestation Determination Review ARD’, Graduation ARDs, Initial ARDs, Transfer Meetings, and Permanent Placement ARDs within district, state,
and federal guidelines.
2. Monitor initial referral timelines, schedule and conduct initial ARD committee meetings within the required timelines set forth by Texas Education Code.
3. Schedule and conduct transfer meetings and Permanent Placement ARDs within the require timelines set forth by the Texas Education Code.
4. Investigate and interpret records from previous districts for transfer students to ensure that students are provided with a FAPE upon enrollment and to be prepared for the 30-day Permanent Placement ARD.
5. Schedule and conduct Manifestation Determination Review ARDs and Staffing’s in accordance with district policies/procedures.
6. Respond to parent and staff requests for ARD meetings in accordance with federal, state, and local policies and procedures.
7. Collaborate with campus administrator(s) to schedule ARD meetings at mutually acceptable times/days and ensure all required members are invited/excused/attend.
8. Collaborate with other professionals (assessment staff, interpreters, related service providers, outside agencies initial consent for placement, etc.) and provide timely notifications of ARD meetings.
9. Inform agency representatives (DARS, BBT, etc.) of ARD meetings when appropriate and with consent from the parent/guardian/adult student.
10. Confirm ARD meeting times/dates/location with parents and students, when appropriate.
11. Complete ARD notices and distribute copies to all parents with a legal responsibility for the child in accordance with Department of Special Education Services procedures.

ARD/IEP Meeting Facilitation:
12. Maintain neutrality in facilitating ARD meetings while maintaining compliance with district-approved procedures.
13. Incorporate conflict management techniques when disagreements arise.
14. Utilize appropriate questioning techniques to build consensus within the committee members.
15. Ensure each member has the opportunity to participate.
16. Promote a positive, collaborative environment for ARD meetings.
17. Deal sensitively and fairly with persons from diverse cultural backgrounds.
18. Train and collaborate with families to ensure understanding of the Notice of Procedural Safeguards and the Guide
to the ARD process.
19. Provide copies of and utilize the district-provided ARD agenda to ensure all required items are covered
and committee members are prompted to report to the committee appropriately.
20. Utilize district and state provided resources/materials to prompt committee discussions or clarify misunderstandings.
21. Effectively communicate with colleagues, students, and parents.
22. Document ARD committee decisions within electronic IEP system.
23. Generate deliberations of meeting in accordance with guidelines set forth by the Department of Special
Education services.
24. Obtain appropriate parental consents (Medicaid, 5-day waivers, committee member excusal, etc.)


Monitoring and Compliance:
25. Maintain compliance with Initial, Annual, Graduation and Permanent Placement ARD due dates based on federal and state regulations.
26. Ensure that all required information is submitted into the electronic IEP system, including: PLAAFPs, IEP goals, transition services, accommodations, behavior intervention plans and any other applicable supplements.
27. Complete and archive/scan ARD committee documentation in the electronic IEP system and provide to required parties (parents, teachers, service providers, etc.) within district-required timelines.
28. Provide copies of IEP documents to parents within the district-required timeline.
29. Ensure all service providers and teachers have access to IEP documents according to district policies/procedures.
30. Submit PEIMS data to the district PEIMS clerk within the timeline required by the Department of Special Education Services
31. Complete IEP amendments at the request of parents, adult students, campus and/or district staff.
32. Maintain eligibility folders (electronic) in a manner consistent with Texas Education Agency requirements and local district policies/procedures.
33. Submit testing protocols, consents for initial evaluations and recorded CDs of ARD meetings to the Department of Special Education Services for filing in the student’s eligibility folder.
34. Compile, maintain, and file all reports, records, and other documents required.
35. Ensure the confidentiality of information regarding special education students by abiding by and informing others of the guidelines set forth in the Federal Education Rights to Privacy Act.
36. Respond to records request from parents or other parties in accordance with federal, state, and local policies/procedures.
37. Collaborate with transportation services to ensure students receive appropriate transportation services.
38. Coordinate and collaborate with campus testing coordinators to ensure state testing arrangements are accurate according to ARD committee documentation.
39. Collaborate with campus administration and department chairs in an effort to monitor the implementation of IEP services.


Professional Development:
40. Maintain current knowledge of Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and Texas Education Code regulations.
41. Maintain current knowledge of district-approved policies and procedures.
42. Maintain current knowledge of state testing requirements and eligibility for accommodations/test versions.
43. Maintain current knowledge of graduation requirements according to Texas Education Code.
44. Maintain current knowledge of instructional arrangements according to the Texas Student Attendance Accounting Handbook.
45. Provide training to teachers, staff and administrators regarding: Documentation requirements for modifications, days of removal, and progress. Determination of appropriate services and development of IEPs. Regulations and documentation for state testing.
46. Use of electronic IEP system.
47. Appropriate ARD etiquette.
48. Attend regularly scheduled staff meetings, ARD facilitator meetings, and Special Education Department Chair Meetings, and Campus Special Education according to district expectations.
49. Maintain a regular presence on assigned campuses to provide technical support/training.
50. Attend training opportunities in the areas of transition, graduation, ARD facilitation, and Special Education law as assigned by the Department of Special Education Services.
51. Maintain a positive and effective relationship with colleagues and supervisors.
52. Perform all other duties as assigned.


? Knowledge of ARD procedures, education of special education students, curriculum requirements, state assessment, graduation requirements and legal requirements of IDEA and Texas Education Code.
? Excellent organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills.
? Ability to manage conflict and maintain a student-centered focus.
? Proficiency in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Gmail and Google Calendars.
? Ability to communicate effectively and professionally (verbal and written).


? Master’s Degree
? Valid Texas teacher certificate with Special Education Certification


? Three years’ special education teaching or diagnostic evaluation experience




? Maintain emotional control under stress
? Interpret policies, procedures, and data
? Management of ARD schedules for multiple campuses
? Regular district-wide travel to multiple work locations as assigned
? Moderate lifting and carrying
? Occasional prolonged and irregular hours