Job Description

Job Title

District Tutor

Evaluation Type



Assigned Campus

Pay Grade

 $75 - $95 Per Day



Date Revised

February 2019



Tutors are responsible for assisting students in achieving a better understanding in a specific subject. Tutors will present the information in a way that a student can understand, and will help them develop confidence in themselves and a positive attitude toward school. Tutors will provide students with the necessary skills, so that they can be successful on the state assessments.


1. Tutors will have a set time during the 8 hrs. to plan for instruction
2. Tutors should want to help others reach academic achievement, and show a proficiency in a particular subject.
3. Prospective tutors should have patience when dealing with students who have a hard time grasping a subject or
have developed a negative attitude towards school.
4. Organization is a key element for tutors, because they will have to keep files and records to monitor the progress
of a student.
5. It is essential that tutors have excellent communication skills, because they will be interacting with students, parents, teachers, coaches and professors on a regular basis.
6. A tutor can be a liaison between multiple groups, and it important that everyone involved with a student be kept abreast of the situation.
7. Tutors can ensure that students are giving an effort and making positive strides in their classes.
8. The individuals around a student can provide them with the necessary support they need to achieve their
desired success.


SUPERVISION EXERCISED: Provide guidance and direction as assigned.


? General knowledge of curriculum and instruction
? Content area knowledge relative to instructional level of students receiving tutoring services
? Ability to work well with children
? Ability to communicate effectively


High school degree required, Texas Certified or college degree preferred.


Experience working with students in an instructional setting, teacher experience preferred.

? Tools/Equipment Used: Standard office equipment including computer and peripherals; standard instructional equipment
? Posture: Moderate standing; occasional kneeling, squatting, bending, and stooping
? Motion: Moderate walking
? Lifting: Regular light lifting and carrying (less than 15 pounds)
? Environment: Work inside and outside (exposure to sun, heat, cold, and inclement weather); exposure to noise
? Mental Demands: Work with frequent interruptions; maintain emotional control under stress