Job Title

Specialist, English Learner

Evaluation Type



Curriculum & Instruction

Pay Grade





Date Revised

May  2019


Director of Bilingual/ESL Programs  


BASIC FUNCTION & RESPONSIBILITY: Provide leadership through collaborative processes to support teachers, campus and district administrators in promoting positive change and commitment for engaged learning environments in order to impact student achievement.


CHARACTERISTIC DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES: The essential functions, pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act, may include the characteristic duties, responsibilities, knowledge, skills, and abilities noted herein; however, this is not a comprehensive listing of all functions and tasks performed by positions found in this job description.


Instructional Management:
? Support the implementation, monitoring and/or evaluation of assigned programs for elementary and secondary education, curriculum, and/or instructional support, and ensure that assigned programs are efficiently and effectively administered.
? Support and participate in meeting the teaching and learning objectives of the campus/department improvement plans.


Management of Administrative, Fiscal and/or Facilities Functions:
? Develop and maintain the District’s curriculum to ensure student learning of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).
? Facilitate development of curriculum-based assessments aligned to the depth and complexity of the TEKS.
? Design, implement, measure, refine assigned programs and/or content areas, and assist with quality improvement efforts.
? Create data reports from various data management systems as needed.
? Analyze and respond to school data and educational trends.
? Work collaboratively with instructional coaches, members of the department, and campuses to establish exemplary classroom learning environments.
? Respond in a timely and positive manner to all requests for support from campus and district administrators.
? Exhibit a high degree of initiative in response to requests for curricular/instructional support.
? Model/demonstrate exemplary lesson delivery.
? Assist teachers/teacher teams in developing instructional units that integrate content and implement meaningful use of technology as a learning tool.
? Facilitate the development of collaborative cultures at the campus and district levels.
? Share leadership responsibility with campus and district administrators for creating change-adept learning communities.
? Network with out-of-district entities to ensure district practices stay current with state and national best practice trends.
? Plan, deliver, facilitate, and implement quality professional development aligned with the district goals and initiatives.
? Ensure continuous improvement in teacher and student performance through effective coaching cycle protocols.
? Assume a leadership role in the adoption and acquisition of aligned instructional resources.
? Develop and maintain up-to-date curriculum scope and sequence documents and required and recommended resources in district designated management systems/websites.
? Establish, monitor, and support the district’s viable and guaranteed curriculum.
? Coordinate departmental activities with other District offices and administrators and provide assistance to requesting departments.


Organization Improvement:
? Analyze critical needs in assigned areas and work collaboratively to implement and improve programs.


Professional Growth and Development:
? Participate in and deliver professional development that increases effectiveness and improves district and campus performance.


Texas Academic Performance Indicators and Campus Performance Objectives:
? Support the administration of state-mandated testing at campuses in compliance with state and federal guidelines.
? Monitor and review campus test data and use findings to assist with planning to close achievement gaps between student groups and/or campuses.


School/Community Relations:
? Interface with governmental agencies, business and civic organizations, and the community to provide needed information and to promote the District’s initiatives.


Organization Morale:
? Foster positive morale by participating in team building activities and the decision-making process.
? Communicate and collaborate with campus/department staff to enhance service delivery, program development, and customer satisfaction.
? Maintain professional and timely communication.
? Maintain confidentiality of student and teacher/campus performance.


Other Responsibilities:
? Comply with policies established by federal and state law, including but not limited to State Board of Education and local Board policy.
? Perform other job-related duties as assigned.


SUPERVISION EXERCISED: Provide guidance and direction to assigned staff.


? Knowledge of TEKS.
? Knowledge of curriculum design, implementation, evaluation, and refinement.
? Knowledge of effective curriculum design and evaluation methodologies.
? Knowledge of the continuous improvement principles.
? Knowledge and understanding of the complexities of building collaborative structures in the educational environment.
? Skill in the use of technology as a learning tool in all content areas.
? Skill in assisting with collection and interpretation of data to assist in adjustment of curriculum to support student learning.
? Skill in operating standard computer and software applications, including but not limited to electronic mail, word processing, spreadsheets, databases, and presentations.
? Skill in communicating effectively verbally and in writing.
? Ability to develop professional trust and rapport to effectively coach teachers to improvement.
? Ability to collaboratively locate and obtain instructional materials to support the aligned curriculum.
? Ability to collaboratively employ a systems-perspective to maximize attainment of learning goals.
? Ability to assist in engaging others in collective inquiry and problem solving.
? Ability to assist in design, delivery, and integration of curriculum.
? Ability to collaboratively analyze trends and lead improvement initiatives.
? Ability to collaboratively plan, organize, and deliver quality professional development.
? Ability to organize and prioritize work responsibilities.


? Knowledge of bilingual and ESL programs.
? Knowledge of English Language Proficiencies Standards (ELPS).
? Knowledge and understanding of differentiation strategies, accommodations, and modifications that support second language learners acquisition.
? Knowledge of state assessments and accommodations allowed for English learners.
? Knowledge of LPAC requirements and compliance items related to English learners.
? Ability to design and implement professional development for adult learners.
? Strong background in PLC facilitation, lesson planning with teachers, and assessment creation.


ENTRY QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university, valid Texas Teacher Certification with Bilingual/ESL supplement, and three years of classroom teaching experience.


PREFERRED QUALIFICATION: Master’s degree from an accredited college or university. Grade level, department, or campus leadership experience.


? Maintain emotional control under stress.
? Work with frequent interruptions.
? Travel district-wide frequently.
? Work extended and irregular hours.
? Sit for extended periods of time.
? Use computer for prolonged period resulting in repetitive hand motions.
? Lift and/or move up to 20 lbs. occasionally.


? Work is normally performed in a typical interior office work environment with little or no exposure to physical risk.